Joseph Mogrovejo Website Dev

Entrepreneur, artist, problem solver. This is my progress as I expand my horizons and explore my interests.

co-CEO of NJR

From selling products at little fairs, we have made the first steps to creating a brand that embodies family. We are an upcoming jewelry business that provides fashionable, affordable jewelry for any occasion.

Website Developer

Your identity is probably the most important thing about you when it comes to any business. My primary role is to help bring that identity to life in the form of a website.



Though currently a hobby, I appreciate the way moving images tell a story. It’s one of my goals to be able to use deliberate placement of certain forms and images to  succinctly culminate one idea.


NJR Jewelry

Affordable, stylish jewelry… a precedent well known but also quick to change. At NJR, the missions it to keep our customers satisfied with service and prices at all times. 

Website developer

From my experiences in front-end coding to data analysis, my interest in the tech world has brought me here. With a personable approach, my goal is to bring a deliverable product like a website and cater to your interests, desire and/or business. You for interests in these services you could contact me at the following:


Business Example


Restaurant Example


Personal Portfolio Example



Using professional equipment, the aim is to bring your vision a clean, crisp image. For these services, mention during your consultation meeting.



Huge advocate for taking care of yourself. For some, it looks like yoga, for others it’s by lifting 60 lb dumbbells and doing bicep curls until your fingers are numb. I believe it’s deeper than that. 

As I started 2023, I made it a mission to find myself and discover the things I am passionate about. Health remains at the forefront. 

Being healthy is more than working out or eating better. It’s also about doing things the best way that you can – contributing your heart and soul. While, I am still preoccupied with other priorities, the hope is to one day share my journey and the way I reflect. My mindset is what bring me here… taking the bold step to put myself out there, and I couldn’t be happier. I aspire to help others achieve the same.

Key daily habits that have developed the past year to bring me here:

What My clients are saying

"10/10 would recommend. "
Masha Doe

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